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Welcome to Dada Enterprise

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a company which has been engaged in marketing of All kinds Textile Machineries, Spares, Steam Boiler & Other Textile related product.

We represent some of the best manufacturers from different countries of the World those are making Textile machineries, Spare parts catering to the ever growing needs of the industry in terms of Superior quality, Price, competency and complete service reliability. More


1. Ring Frame
2. Slub Yarn Device
3. Overhead Traveling Cleaner
4. Roll Shop Equipments
5. Lab Testing Equipment


1. Shuttle loom
2. Coating Foam Generator
3. Gas Singeing
4. Mercerizing
5. Continuous Washing

Knit Textile

1. Knit Gas Singeing Machine
2. Knit Tubular/Open Mercerizer
3. Knit Tube / Open compactor
4. Steam Setting
5 Open/Tube Dehydrator

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